Business owners, managers & team leaders – I get it.  You see the potential.  You have seen what’s out there.  And most of you either have an idea, or have you've already started.

But at some point, you get dissatisfied.  No, its more than that.  You get pissed off!

Pissed off with the lack of results, pissed off with minimal (any?) growth and/or pissed off with your team.

I specialise in educating, training and supporting business owners to identify, plan and manage your marketing, sales, strategic planning and delivery in order to grow your business fast.

I provide you the tools, strategies, and tactics to accelerate your growth and overcome any obstacles you may encounter on your journey as an entrepreneur. Unlike other who only provide  a piece of the puzzle, I have a blueprint for success.

This isn't some magic unicorn stuff - this is tried, tested and proven strategies and techniques that work.

How do I know this?  It’s easy – I've learnt from others!  Learn from their mistakes, learn from what they are doing well and see how easy it is for you to implement these proven strategies to get you want you want.

My story

In the early 90’s, I failed High School.  Back then, you were given a score (a TER – Tertiary Entrance Rank) out of 100.  Top of the state got 100.  I got 23.  That meant that 77% of the state got a better result than me.

From there, I worked in retail, became a secretary and was a ward clerk in hospitals.  I started my I.T. career as a Helpdesk Operator.  Climbing under desks, plugging in network cables, building PC’s etc. etc.

Pre Y2K (remember that?) I transitioned to software development and worked for companies like ANZ & IBM.  Post Y2K I move into corporate training, project manager, product manager blah blah blah…

Bored yet?  I sure am just typing this…

What I did see was how (successful) businesses worked.  How come the good ones grow, and (regardless of time or money) how come the bad ones failed.

Here’s the interesting thing that no one will tell you.  You’ll never hear this from an expert, there are no blog articles about it or mass advertising.  But try it for yourself!

The most amazing about the internet is that you can’t hide

How does that business work?  How is it run?  How does they make money?  Where do their (new) clients come from?  How do they interact with prospects? Like Hansel & Gretel, once you know what to look for, its becomes very obvious.

Skeptical?  Don’t believe me?  Sure, I totally get that.  That is why I created my free guide – how to build the perfect website!  Download it and let me know what you think.

My guide will tell you how to build the perfect website.  What to put on your home page, what to put on your About You, Contact Us & Product page.

This isn’t my opinion, this is based on real examples.  What does someone who is earning $40k a month, say about themselves?

What does a single product that earns over $100k in the past 12 months look like?

Check my guide out and find out how.