Seth has a recent post on Teaching the Market a Lesson.

Some book publishers don’t like the Kindle. Either they’re afraid of it or they’ve crunched the numbers and they don’t like what they see.

Worried about the medium, they hold back, delay or even refuse to support it.

Which is fine if you have market power, but you likely don’t. No publisher does, certainly. The Beatles couldn’t stop iTunes from changing the record business by sitting out the platform, and there’s no book publisher who can stop the Kindle alone.

I like the idea of even  The Beatles can’t stop iTunes from changing the way we purchase music.  But I think Seth is being a little short sighted.  The Kindle isn’t available (yet) in Australia – actually it is only available in the US.  Compare this to another product that has international reach (iPhone!)

I think the Kindle is a game changer, but I can understand if Publishers haven’t jumped in just yet…