Finding out your core values is an easy exercise that won’t take longer than 10 minutes.  Got time?  Then read ahead!


I found this list below (more details here).  Circle the words that speak to you.  Know that your version of the word is different to mine.

For example, I would say I have about 5 – 10 “Friends”.  This isn’t a bad thing (if you think it is, read more on Judgments here).  It’s just a thing.


This is your list, with your words.  If you feel something is missing, add it to your list

Accountability Excellence Perfection
Accuracy Excitement Piety
Achievement Expertise Positivity
Adventurousness Exploration Practicality
Ambition Expressiveness Preparedness
Assertiveness Fairness Professionalism
Balance Faith Prudence
Being the best Family Quality / Excellence
Belonging Fidelity Reliability
Boldness Fitness Resourcefulness
Calmness Fluency Restraint
Carefulness Focus Results-oriented
Challenge Freedom Rigor
Cheerfulness Fun Security
Clear-mindedness Generosity Self-actualization
Commitment Goodness Self-control
Community Grace Selflessness
Compassion Growth Self-reliance
Competitiveness Happiness Sensitivity
Consistency Hard Work Serenity
Contentment Health Shrewdness
Continuous Improvement Helping / Service Simplicity
Contribution Honesty Speed
Control Honor Spontaneity
Cooperation Humility Stability
Correctness Independence Strategic
Courtesy Ingenuity Strength
Creativity Inner Harmony/Peace Structure
Curiosity Inquisitiveness Success
Decisiveness Insightfulness Support
Democraticness Intelligence Teamwork
Dependability Intuition Temperance
Determination Joy Thankfulness
Devoutness Justice Thoroughness
Diligence Leadership Thoughtfulness
Discipline Legacy Timeliness
Discretion Love Tolerance
Diversity Loyalty Traditionalism
Dynamism Making a difference Trustworthiness
Effectiveness Mastery Truth-seeking
Efficiency Merit Understanding
Elegance Obedience Uniqueness
Empathy Openness Unity
Enjoyment Order Usefulness
Enthusiasm Originality Vision
Equality Patriotism Vitalit


Of the list, pick the top 5 – 7.

Next, we go through the process of “What’s more important”.  (This is easier to illustrate if we use mine as an example).

My values in a mixed order:

  1. Security / Safety
  2. Financial independence
  3. Family
  4. Honesty / Integrity

Go through the list, start at 1.  Safety / Security.  Is that more important than 2. Financial independence?  Yes!  Continue

Is 1.  Safety / Security more important than 3. Family?  No!  So more Family to the top:

  1. Family
  2. Security / Safety
  3. Financial independence
  4. Honesty / Integrity

Start again.  1.  Family more important than Security / Safety?  Yes!  1. Family more important than Financial independence?  Yes.  Continue

So you go through the list, if you have a lower value more important than a higher one, swap them.

When you are finished, you will have your list:

  1. Family
  2. Honesty / Integrity
  3. Security / Safety
  4. Financial independence


What’s on your list?