As you may or may not know I am booked in to do the Wealth Mastery course. For those not in the loop, Wealth Mastery is the 3rd course or seminar in the Anthony Robbins series. Yep, the dude on late night TV – the motivation one.

I attended Unleash the Power (at the Entertainment Center in Sydney, Australia) in October 2005 and Date with Destiny (on the Queensland Gold Coast, Australia) in April 2006.

I thought I would put out there my expectations and see what if and how this changes.

Unleash the Power (UPW) is the one where you do Fire Walking. The whole experience is bizarre to say the least. UPW goes for 3 1/2 days (first day is the half day) and fire walking is done on the first night. 3 1/2 days later the fire walking seemed to me like such a small part of the bigger picture. What else did we do? Its really hard to put into words. If I tried? I’d say things like “brilliant”, “life changing” but they sound too much like a clique.

Date with Destiny (DWD) is like UPW * 5. Again, it is beyond expectations.

Wealth Mastery? Well this is the reason for writing all this down. I don’t know. This is a summary of the course guide:

Day 1 – Foundations for lasting wealth
Day 2 – Stocks / Options
Day 3 – Real Estate
Day 4 – Tools for sustaining Wealth / Intergration Day

I think the Stock stuff will be pretty straight forward. What’s a stock, what’s an option, what’s a dividend. And then I think it will go more technical and talk about charting, moving averages etc.

After UPW, I thought I would “like” DWD, but I was really hanging out for Wealth Mastery. Tony Robbins does a meal deal, where you can buy DWD, Wealth and a 3rd course he runs in Fiji (health or something?) for like $12,000. I know it sounds like a lot – yep it is. You can buy DWD for I think $7,000 and then Wealth for maybe $4,000 or $5,000??? I don’t know. At the time I put my name down for just Wealth and DWD.

Long story short I think the Tony Robbins salesperson was conveniently clever by quoting her prices in $US. After that slight heart attack, I worked out that I could buy DWD and Wealth separately or buy all 3 (DWD, Wealth and Fiji) for $AUD1,000 more. Guess which one I picked?