Recently on Hansleminutes, Scott Hanselman gives a great insight into living with Type I diabetes.

He is also coming to Sydney to present at Web Camps.

I really like his style.  While he is pro Microsoft, Scott has a good way of seperating himself from the drama.

Anyway, in his podcast he discusses the difficulty of going out for dinner when he is a strange town.

So Scott, to make your visit to Sydney, or if you find yourself in Sydney and with Diabetes here is what you should do:

  • This year, Web Camps will be at The Powerhouse museum which is in Ultimo,
  • It is an easy 10 minute walk, South East from the Sydney CBD.  (You could catch the Mono Rail or Light Rail but it is tacky and only tourist use it.)
  • That part of sydney is near the Uni and lots of Youth Hostels.  So Subway is going to be open at all hours.  (I’ve seen Subway at George St at 1:00am).

I’ve mapped all the Subway Restaurants in the area.  (More information is on the Subway website)