I’ve written recently on being judgmental and the importance of values.

So what are values?  What are your values?


Mine are:

  1. Family
  2. Honesty / Integrity
  3. Security / Safety
  4. Financial independence


If I took everything (physical) away from you – what would you have left?  What would you rely on or who would you ask for help?

Since you have my values, lets unpack these a little:


Family to me, means my wife and my children.  It excludes my extended family (parents, brothers, sisters) but I include (very) close friends.  Literally without my family I have nothing.  I would happily choose my family over money, or any material possessions.

Honesty / Integrity

For me, this is about being honest with myself and others and having integrity.  That means that if I say something I do it.  If you say something, I expect you to do it

Security / Safety

I’m 6’2” or about 187 cm tall.  (This is a story for another day) the short version is that I regularly feel a target and I am very protective of my family especially my little boys.

Financial independence

I love money!  I earn a decent salary and I’m not ashamed or embarrassed by it.  I have some debt (+$300k on the house and about +$7,000 on credit cards).  My plan is to retire by 60 and to have $1M in assets (excluding the family home).


Ever felt conflicted with a choice?  I want to spend more time with the family but I have too much work on?  This is because your values are out of alignment.

By knowing your values, you get clarity around what you want.  I wasn’t always like this.  These days, it is very rare for me to have the sort of conflict of working too hard vs quality family time.


What are your values?  If you do, leave a comment – I’m always interested!  If not, have a look here.