This weekend will mark 12 months since I attended Unleash the Power Within (UPW). What do I think? Well it’s a really interesting topic to reflect on. Not only the obvious “what’s different now vs then” but also the little subtle things. Just how tired you get, just how wired up you are. It’s a funny thing – but you really don’t forget what the energy is like in that room for 4 days.

Plus all the other stuff. At the end of Day 3, Tony does a big sales push to get you to sign up for Date With Destiny (DWD) and his other meal deals (Wealth Mastery and Life Mastery)

At the time, I clearly remember I could give or take DWD. (I haven’t done Life Mastery yet, but I still feel the same about that. Of course it will be fun as those things always are)

I’ve written before about how I had huge expectations for Wealth Mastery. Now??? DWD IS the big one! Wealth was great, but DWD is UPW * 10. If anyone was to ask the casual “should I go” I would scream at them for not signing up yet. DWD is just such a huge mother, life changing event.

But, at Day 4 of UPW, in the middle of the Entertainment Center, when you’re cold and tired, and some black dude is on stage talking about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle (the last day of UPW is not done by Tony, but by some super fit athlete and he talks about all things healthy.) your thoughts just aren’t focused on what DWD might be…

So, NOW what am I thinking about? 12 months ago, it was $12,000 to sign up for DWD, Wealth and Life Mastery. Back then, I had to get a bank loan for the money. It created ugly arguments with my partner – it was a mess! (Not to mention that Anthony Robbins overcharged me.)

$12k seems such a small number now (especially after going to Wealth Mastery) – what a change 12 months can make!

“Allowing the Magic and Mirracles to Happen” If I had a quote for the last 3 months, it would be that…

Rock on!