Ok, so on my trusty Tecra running XP and for some reason IIS won’t start.

“unexpected error 0x8ffe2740” Hmm?? Weird!

A bit of google love took me here. WTF? What the hell is running on port 80?

I love this bit from Microsoft:

This behavior may occur if a port conflict exists on the system. By default, IIS uses port 80 for HTTP communication. If an application other than IIS is running and is using port 80 on the same IP address, you may receive the error message when you try to use IIS Manager to start the Web site.

Halfway down they suggests using TCPView. Snazzy! I’ll have to remember that one!

So it looks like Skype has my port 80! This is getting weirder!

I stopped Skype, restarted IIS, restarted Skype – all sorted!