I came across this link. Seems like Cameron is getting fussy on who he takes on…

A while ago he posted his 2006 goals. 500 channels of kickass, ball-busting content on TPN??? How’s that going to happen?

See here’s the weird thing. The whole Podcast thing is meant to be a conversation. If hosts are signing up and dropping off what does that say???

Also, when I had an audience of the size he’s talking about, TPN would have been the last place I’d go to. Why? Well, if you know how to put a show together, what does TPN offer you? Not much…

The whole reason I gave up on The Alt Health Podcast was that it was too hard. We had the shows, we had the business plan but executing was just a nightmare!

So, if I was running TPN, here’s what I’d do:

1. Listen to your hosts. How come they signed up? Why did they drop off? What podcasts are they listening to?

2. G’Day World, The Movie Show etc. must be fun, but really… Is that going to build the TPN brand?

3. Make it easier. How long does it take from when a TPN host says “I’d like to do a show” until they get a WordPress login to post it?

Cameron, take a listen to how easy it is to put up a show on IT Conversations.

THAT’S easy!