I’ve recently moved house and had a nightmare trying to get an internet connection.  I thoughtI’d share my experience in the hope it helps someone else

Background:  I’ve moved to Kensington, in Sydney Australia.  My ISP is TPG and Tesltra is my telephone provider.

On the TPG portal page, I logged onto “Your Account” and went through the Change of Location process. Every day I checked the ADSL Installation Statusand nothing changed.

After 7 days, I got nervous and rang TPG Customer Support. I was told that there was a mismatch between the address I supplied and what Telstra is showing. I should ring Telstra and just ask them to update their Flexstream Database. “Jay” said that TPG had tried to contact me several times but there was no answer.

I asked him what number TPG tried to contact me on, and he obviously realised it was different to my home number.  I asked him since he also had my mobile number and TPG email address why that wasn’t used. He had no response.

I went back and forth between Telstra and TPG. Telstra saying the details were correct, TPG said they weren’t.

I rang again and spoke with Jay. I asked who I should speak with at Telstra, what number I should call, what department I should ring. He said he didn’t know and to check the white pages.

Since I have no way of independently verifying what the status is, I was still not sure who is at fault: TPG or Telstra?

Finally I said to Jay that I should just go to another ISP. He said that he would be more than happy to accommodate this???

Lessons learnt:
1. I had the best result ringing Telstra on 13 22 00 and asking for Connections. I was on hold for around 20 – 30 seconds. When I rang Faults or other 1300 / 1800 numbers I was on hold for well over 5 minutes and got no progress.

2. TPG, I don’t care if it is Telstra’s fault. Half the people I spoke with at Telstra hadn’t heard of Flexstream. They did not know or understand what it means to update the database. Those that did, said it was an old system no longer in use.

3. Since it wasn’t obvious to me how I should check the status of this with TPG, next time I will ring each day to check on the progress.

4. It wasn’t until I told Telstra to forget about it, don’t worry. Send the bill to the wrong address and we will see what happens. It was at this point Telstra knew something wasn’t right.

5. I found the best way to get a response from TPG, was to put up a post on the Whirlpool Forums.  Frustrating?  Yes!  But that seems to be the way it is.

Here’s hoping you have better luck than me!