Ramit made a post here regarding a coffee shop.

To summarise:

Ramit goes to a coffee shop that has free wireless.  At 11:30am, the waiter announces to everyone that the internet is going to be switched off.

At that point, some grumpy customers have a moan that they purchased all this food to do some work and now they can’t.

At the end, Ramit asks “What would you do?”

My response on these types of problems is always “how will this impact me (or my business) in 6 months time”

Certainly in Australia, wireless 3g cards aren’t expensive.  I’ve been to a few Gloria Jeans where they advertise free wifi.  For whatever reason I can never get it to work and have given up trying.

I always will use my 3g card.

So what would I do?  I certainly wouldn’t make the announcement to everyone like that.  But also I wouldn’t just plug in a $100 dlink wireless hub either and tell everyone to “enjoy!”

I think if your point of difference in a coffee shop is free wifi then you should convert to an internet cafe!