The Alternative Health Show #003 (MP3 – 11.2MB – 16:21min)


0:25 Bowen is a great modality
0:49 So what is “Bowen Therapy?” A massage, talking?

0:59 Its simple non invasive moves

2:11 Taps into the autonomic nervous system

3:37 What is Bowen Therapy good for?
3:44 Inflamation, subluxation, misalignment in the body, headaches, migranes

4:39 What is it not good for?
4:58 Cancer, lymphatic drainage

6:06 You must drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins

6:32 This sounds a lot like Chinese medicine, Bowen sounds “Aussie”

6:36 (sorry about the dog…)
6:41 Discovered by an Australian “Tom Bowen

7:38 What was it that attracted you to Bowen?

8:18 You’ve got one of the best modality!
8:32 What makes a good modality?
8:42 Its very fast and effective

9:12 It sounds like the sort of treatment you’d go when you don’t know what other treatments will work

10:51 What makes a good Bowen Therapist?

12:20 Where does someone learn to become a Bowen Therapist?
13:08 Bow Tech

14:43 And how do we find you?
14:47 Glebe Healing Center or phone +61 2 9566-1222