The Alternative Health Show #002 (MP3 – 3.8MB – 22min)


First… Feedback from Show #001 How can drugs affect childbirth?

Interview with Dr Michael Epstein, Chiropractor
01:19 What is Chiropractic?
01:32 Orthodontist for the spine…
01:35 An Orthodontist can non surgically remodel teeth
01:42 Chiropractic has the technology to do this for the spine
01:44 The only difference between fixing a spinal alignment and teeth, is that when you realign the spine, not only does the spine function better, so does the Central Nervous System

01:31 Yeah, but don’t you just crunch bones…?
01:59 Spinal Manipulation has been around for thousands of years
02:07 Chiropractors have turned this into a science
02:16 It has been shown that it is the most effective treatment for some of the most common problem that affect human beings
02:21 Chronic spinal pain, accute spinal pain and headaches!

02:51 The proper term for the “pop” or “crunch” is cavitation
03:25 Michael explains the science behind ‘cavitation’
03:50 What about the old wives tale “don’t crack your knuckles, you’ll get arthritis”?

04:51 Are there side affects?
07:52 None apart from soreness (similar to going to the gym)
08:20 “Statistically, there’s a much greater chance of you injuring yourself driving to my office than you are from being adjusted”

09:23 Christian asks “when do you get better?”
10:11 Information about “Relief care” and “Corrective care”

13:07 “Ever since I’ve been seeing my Chiropractor, I’ve never had a cold…”

16:14 If the twig is bent, so goes the tree…

18:14 Where did you do your training?

20:01 Understanding Chiropractic procedures:
20:28 The Chiropractic Association of Australia