In a recent post, Seth Godin wrote

Here’s a $20 bottle of soap. Functionally identical to a $3 bottle, so what’s the $17 for?

He then lists several reasons why someone would pay an extra $17.

I’ve written before on the 6 Human Needs, but I thought it was worth repeating. The quick version:

Every basic human need can be boiled down to one of six:
1. Certainty (I have a ham & cheese sandwich every day because that’s why I have for lunch)
2. Uncertainty – picking a fight, trying something new, a bored teenager wanting a new experience. It doesn’t matter if it is good or bad, so long as it is different
3. Significance – it makes me feel important / different / special
4. Connection / Love – Having a pet, flirting, talking to a stranger
5. Growth – if we don’t grow we die!
6. Contribution – giving back

Take for example an armed robbery. Uncertainty – Anything could happen! Significance – if I pull a gun on you I am the center of your attention. Certainty – I know I will feel significant if I pull a gun on you.

Using the Soap Bottle:  the hang tag, mineral botanic, Dead Sea Laboratories, bamboo and pansy, very dry skin, French + velvet!

These are all either Significance (if this is your first time) or Certainty (you know that it is worth the extra $17)

Interesting eh?!

How would this product need to change to meet your need for Growth (by using this you will learn…) or Connection?  THAT makes this world a better place 😉