What is Klout?

Recently, Cathie McGinn tweeted: I first heard of Klout during an interview with their CEO Joe Fernandez, on This Week in Startups. So what is it? For me, Klout is a method of measuring who is popular in social media

If the voyage of the best ship is a zigzag line...

I’ve often thought that if you look back through the history of my blog, how would you describe it? With categories like 30 day challenge, Development, Low-carb diets and Photos – probably the kindest thing you could say

The problem with Tekpub...

I like Rob Conery. But he is the sort of guy who just seems to go out of his way to cause trouble… A good example is a post I wrote a couple of years ago. What’s

Home Theater PC

Recently Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror fame, updated his Home Theater PC. I had been thinking of doing the same, so below is my experience. CPU Intel Core i3-2100 Motherboard MSi H67MA-E45 Memory Kingston 4GB DDR3 Standard case + power supply.

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