What are your core values?

Finding out your core values is an easy exercise that won’t take longer than 10 minutes.  Got time?  Then read ahead!   I found this list below (more details here).  Circle the words that speak to you.  Know

What are values?

I’ve written recently on being judgmental and the importance of values. So what are values?  What are your values?   Mine are: Family Honesty / Integrity Security / Safety Financial independence   If I took everything (physical) away from you – what

On being judgmental

What is a judgment? A judgment is a value based opinion on something. Take the statements: Tony Abbot is Australia’s worst Prime minister All men/women are selfish assholes! Family is more important than fun Let’s look at

Are you really burnt out?

The harder I work, the sooner I get to be king! (source) I recently read John Sonmez’s post on The Hacker News Generation.  I find articles like this interesting.  As I read it, the same thought comes screaming

Why I won't be singing your NDA...

A few months ago, I posted my profile on Tech Cofounder.  It’s an interesting concept, where no technical people with a business idea can find like minded technical folk interested in developing something unique. I had a few

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