Recently, Missy put up a post on how she dropped a.lot.of.weight!

Now I’ve floated between 113.5 – 115 kg (250 – 253 pounds).  I added the 0.5 because it seemed an odd barrier.  (For what it’s worth, I’m 189 cm or 6’2″.)

Those of you with an NLP or similar background could say “the 250 pounds is your barrier!  What would it mean being 249?”  But I think you’re wrong.  Australia uses metric!  And my digital scales just would not go below 113.5!

I can honestly say I have tried it all!  I did Jenny Craig, Weight Watches, Light n’ Easy, no carb diet and just plain old gym work.

The funny thing was that (during the past 2 years in particular!) it wouldn’t matter what I did.  I could eat crap, I could eat good, but I just couldn’t go below 113.5

That was until I sent Missy an email!  She introduced me to Michael Eades and suggested I read Protein Power.

Personally, I wasn’t going to be convinced by the science.  (Not that I am a non believer, it’s just that you can twist science either way you like)

So show me either your own personal experience or I’ll look at your anecdotal evidence and we’ll go from there.  To cut to the chase, I brought the 30 day low-carb diet solution.

How is it going?  I’ve been on this for just over a week and I must say I am very very surprised!  If you read the book, one thing that really stuck in my mind was:

If Food is the Problem, then Food is the Solution.

This morning I weighed in at 112.8 kg (248 pounds).  I broke through the forbidden 113.5 on the second day!

To say that I am surprised / impressed / convinced etc would be an understatement!!!

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

Rock on!