I got this message today when I tried to sync my Ipod.

Long story short I found this link here.

Scroll down to comment X.

Start -> Run -> compmgmt.msc
Drill down ‘Storage’, highlight Disk Management
Plug ipod in. Wait.
Make sure the computer management window is the topmost window. If you don’t, you won’t be able to get in there and change the drive letter of your ipod. The ipod will disappear out of the computer management window once itunes rejects it, or accepts your acknowledgement that it’s rejecting it.
Then I think i right clicked on the volume (or something) and changed the drive letter.
Just to make sure windows remembered my change, I ejected the pod and plugged it in again. Looks like it was mapped to the letter I had specified. Don’t know if this setting will hold after a reboot/cold boot.

Anyway people, check this…ipod seems to want to take a drive letter closest to your fixed volumes. At work, I have a C and E internal HD, so Ipod was looking for F:. But F: was mapped to the porn directory on my company’s server, so I got the error (NO, NOT PORN. heheheh). Now I forced ipod to take G:. I guess the best way to avoid this issue on a network like this is to keep all the low letters (A->G or something) reserved for your local comp, and the high letters (Z -> M or whatever) for mapped network drives.

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