(I’m on a Six Human Needs rant)

Again Seth posted here .  Short version – World-class violinist plays for hours in a subway station, almost no one stops to listen.

Seth then asks:  But why all the mail? (And the Post got plenty too). Answer: I think it’s because people realized that if they had been there, they would have done the same thing. And it bothers us.

I’d push a bit deeper and then ask why does it bother you?

Do you have a need for significance or certainty?  If you did, how would you react to ignoring the Violinist?

Living in Sydney, every once in a while I’ve see a great performer either doing it for free, or for their own variety or whatever.   I saw a brilliant musician – Lindsay Buckland.  Same situation – just doing his thing.  I brought his cd’s on the spot.

Next time maybe you should stop and listen?