It's easy to start overthinking everything.  What if we do this?  What if we don't do that?  Will it work out how I want it too? It's not hard to see how these questions can quickly spiral and you end up spending hours, days, months or even years with the same question without any answers. This doesn't help anyone! In this blog post, we've put together 3 quick tips on how you can stop overthinking and just get on with your life.

#1 - What do you want?

Sounds simple right?

You might say its a particular car, a fancy job, to find your soulmate.  And that's nice.  That might make you sound clever or smart.  But then, what do you really want?  What brings tingles to your skin?  What makes your heart skip a beat?  What are you do you want, but are too afraid to say out loud?  I don't need to know, but YOU do!  What is it?

#2 -  Let it go

You might think you are letting things go.  But how often do you find yourself thinking about them again?  Or having nightmares or panicky thoughts which remind of how awful they were?

Letting something go, neatly and completely is difficult to master, but the first step is the hardest one.  I don't care if you kick and scream, punch a bag or go for a run.  But once that's done - let it go.  Move on.  You're worth it ;)

#3 -  What's the worst that could happen?

If you're stuck in a spiral of #overthinking, perhaps it's time to ask yourself how bad things would actually be.  Would your fear come true - and how much damage would this do?

Even if there is some truth in what you think might happen - how terrible really is it?

Is it possible to stop overthinking completely?  Maybe?  Maybe not?

But what if it were?  What if you were able to move the needle slightly?

What would be different?

How would you be different?

You got this!  I believe in you!