I’ve been doing the whole low-carb thing since late January this year.

At the moment, I’ve lost a little over 8 kg / 17 pounds – my results are totally unexpected and I honestly can’t tell you how excited I am!

So I’ve been following the Michael Eades vs Anthony Colpo “smack down” (as he likes to call it).

My science is weak, so I have difficulty understanding either. But a few points jumped out:
Take advantage of the situation
(Playing devil’s advocate here) Let’s say Eades’ is wrong, Colpo is right. Anthony has a great opportunity to increase his readership (since Eades’ readers will visit his site), sell some books etc. etc.

Anthony’s opening salvo:

Note: This article contains strong language. Please close this page immediately if you are a minor or easily offended

What??? Immediately I am on edge. Not because I get easily offended, but because it is not necessary. I don’t know why Low Carb works (but it does work for me!) First thing I see is a warning. Anthony if you really are right, and Eade’s is wrong, why do you need to use strong language. The only thing I am looking for is strong science!

-1 to Anthony

Leave out the emotion
Anthony’s next sentence:

Poor Dr. Michael Eades. He’s a hyperbolic book author with an overblown ego and a penchant for belittling others, but when I gave him a taste of his own medicine a couple of years ago, he was rattled to his core.

What?? Where’s the science? Where is Eade’s wrong?

If you really believe you are right and have you think you have the evidence to back yourself, then you don’t need emotion. Your facts will speak for themselves.

Be specific
Next paragraph:

Up until mid-2008, Eades had made a habit of regularly attacking me with a pathetic mix of defamatory lies and easily disrobed references to ‘science’. But after the online whipping I gave him here

Really? Where’s the link(s) Anthony??? A “pathetic mix of defamtory lies and easily disrobed references to science” If it is that obvious, then show me!

The only thing obvious to me: -1 Anthony

If you are going to quote, then quote!
I quite like this one:

Eades writes:

“Even AC agrees – based on the literature – that low-carb diets result in less lean muscle loss and greater fat loss than low-fat, high-carb diets”

Utter rubbish.

I have stated ad nauseum that in numerous studies protein – not low-carb intakes but protein – causes a slight increase in muscle retention at the expense of fat.

Really? Ad nauseum? No link though Anthony. Not even one…

Keep it short, keep it focused
Both fail on this one. I think it would be difficult for Eade’s to ignore Anthony, so he has to respond. But both just go on and on and on…

-1 Anthony. -1 Eade

Honestly, who cares?
The Straight Facts, Whether You Like It Or Not” – is Anthony’s blog by-line. Obviously he can dish it out but he can’t take it.

[Update] I’ll add one more:

Allowing comments

To his credit, Eades’ allows comments on his blog.  He allows links to his article (including this one).  He also quickly responds to questions others have posted.

Anthony does not.

Why is this important?  Eades’ has both positive and negative comments on his article.  From the looks of it, Anthony is a one trick pony.  Nothing of real value to add

+1 Eades  -1 Anthony

Picking an online fight is funny when your 14.  But what’s the point?  I would be interested in a few facts:

  • Anthony, how many subscribes do you have with your blog?
  • How many did you gain / lose after this article?
  • What was your daily traffic a week before and after the Eades’ response?

Anthony, if you are really into straight facts, then please answer the above.

A friend of mine reminded me of the quote:  Don’t pick a fight with a troll.  They will bring you down to their level and beat you on experience.

Reading his article, I don’t know how you could say Anthony isn’t a troll.

So all I can say is that Anthony, clean your act up!  You’re better than that and your readers certainly deserve it.

Rock on!