Hothouse have put up a podcast on Peer to Peer lending. It is an interview with Linda Smith, Simon van Wyk (founder of HotHouse) and Charis Palmer (editor of Online Banking Review)

DISCLOSURE: I am a Project Manager with a competitor to Hothouse – IT Easy. A client of ours is developing a Peer to Peer Lending product.

Its a funny sort of thing to listen to. I’m not sure who their audience is. Everytime I have mentioned Peer to Peer lending, I have to explain just what it is.

They also talk about “wasabi”. What is that???

From what I can figure out, Linda Smith is the journalist who put this together. It just appears to me like something that was slapped together at the last moment.

After a quick look around I found Charis Palmer did a post on the podcast as well.She even got Wesabi right!

Now I could sit back from the cheap seats and have a rant and say this is why I no longer listen to radio, Cameron Reily  talks about this all the time and blah blah blah blah.

But seriously, I’d really like to know.  What’s the thought here?  Linda seriously, why not put a little more effort in?  Who is your audience?
Rock on!