Scoble did a post suggesting that Google Docs is a failure.

I’ve just started using Google Spreadsheet seriously.  I think Scoble is being a little over dramatic.

To me, it is all about the right tool for the right job.  I’m using Google Spreadsheet because the people I am working with are a lot older than I and “online collaboration” isn’t something they understand.

I often laugh when people complain about problems with something that is free.

I do agree that Google Docs has limited features.  But I also remember the early days of java and the promises of using a spreadsheet in your browser.

So no, I don’t think Google docs is choc full of fail.  Are they listening?  Well I would think so but I can’t imagine they are going to do much about it.

Seriously, why should Google do anything about this?  Adobe has come out with Buzzword.  I think that it is an interesting experiment for Google, but there is no revenue in it…

To me, the real question is “if Google Docs really is failing, then who is succeeding?”

If no one is succeeding, then why should / would Google do something different???