I've always been interested in the whole eXtream Programming thing.  Never quite understood it – always sounded good (and simple) in theory, but lacked the real world practicalities.


That was until I found this book by accident:  Extreme Programming Adventures in C# by Ron Jefferies.  Its not your usual technical book.  Most (all?) technical books you can pick it up, open it to a page and go from there.


This is written more like a story or novel.  Really nice style, really casual approach and what I liked the most is that its all practical.


Long story short, Ron Jefferies is a Ruby developer by trade.  He says that at the start of writing this book he hadn't seen C# before.  Interesting story – believable enough for me.


What appealed to me most about this book is that he leaves in the errors he's made as the book was being written.  The project used for the book is a little simple, but it was realistic enough for me.