Congratulations to  Petri Purho.  His game Crayon Physics,  just took out this year’s Independent Games Festival (IGF).

Read about it here

I saw this game in early Dec 07.  Right from the start this looks brilliant but I’ve found it frustrating how long this has taken.

I can understand the delayed release strategy though.   In early December, it would have been a great free game.

As time passed on, I still would have happily paid US$10 – $20 for it.

Now that it has won first prize???  Who knows how much he Petri will charge for it.

I once read that $30 was the upper limit price point for what people will pay without too much thought.  That makes sense when you think of CDs, DVDs or other items.

Would I pay more??  I don’t know.  Maybe if it came out in a week or so.

But if this takes much longer my attention span will disappear and he will have gone from a $40 sale to nothing…

Rock on!