A while ago, I wrote about Crayon Physics:

I once read that $30 was the upper limit price point for what people will pay without too much thought.  That makes sense when you think of CDs, DVDs or other items.

Would I pay more??  I don’t know.  Maybe if it came out in a week or so.

But if this takes much longer my attention span will disappear and he will have gone from a $40 sale to nothing…

Well on a whim, I decided to pre-order the game. This allows me to be part of the beta program.

First impression? This game is brilliant! I wrote previously that I would have paid $40 (rrp $20).

It is hard to describe how well done it is. The game is well polished, the music is brilliant and the concept (drawing on a screen) is very very well done.

If you remember back to the good ol’ Commodre 64 days, it’s like seeing Summer Games or Impossible Mission for the first time.  Or playing Doom on a PC.

That being said, the “beta” version is restricted and only has the first 18 levels.  That might sound a lot, but this includes the tutorial.  If you took longer than half an hour to do all 18 then there is something wrong with you.

I am disappointed that the game was completed so quick.  This smells more like a marketing / promotion exercise than a beta program.

Regardless, the game is very well done and I think it is the beginning of a genre of games.

Rock on!