I will provide responsible management of client Ad Campaigns and maintain

agreed upon Budgets.

I will report results to clients on a regular basis.

I will strive to ensure compliance with relevant Ad Policy.

I will not undertake any black hat tactics which are not compliant with Advertising Policy

I will maintain the confidentiality of my clients’ ad results and business practice.

Avoid false or disparaging remarks about clients, past or present, their products,

their team members, their sales methods and other confidential matters I have been privvy to.

I will communicate with my clients with honesty and transparency at all times, especially when campaigns are not meeting Goals.

I will strive to serve my clients with excellence and do my best to achieve agreed upon results.

I will not accept or continue working with a client who's products, services or values conflict with my own.

I will not accept or continue working with a client who discriminates against others for their race, color or beliefs

I will admit and take responsibility for the mistakes I make.

I will always be looking to advance my skills and expertise.

I am become complacent.

I will not take myself to seriously 😉.

I take pride in being able to do what I say I will do.