As long time readers would know, Gapingvoid is a blog I read regularly.

Hugh put up a post on Cleopatra a few days ago that I didn’t really understand.

Putting things in perspective he again made a Cleopatra reference. Aha! NOW I GET IT!

Too many times I start working for a company, all hyped, all keen, ready to go. About 3 – 4 months into it, the gloss has worn off and things start to get messy.

You see, I don’t think Cleopatra realises that it just might be possible that she would have to actually take some responsibility here.

I think it takes balls to jump into the deep end, commit yourself, set high targets and meet them.

But I think it takes even more balls to sometimes take a step back and say “thanks but no thanks”

Thought for the day? Maintain your integrity, maintain your focus & passion. But if you try and take a short cut… If you over commit, over sell. Just ask the coutier…

Rock on!