How great leaders inspire action – by Simon Sinek

How great leaders inspire action – by Simon Sinek

I love this TED talk!

Simon Sinek discusses how great leaders inspire action:

Wave hello to Google!

I’ve just watched the Google Wave demo given at the Google IO Conference.

At first glance, Wave is a fantastic idea!

If you are using email to communicate with your family and friends, this will change the way you work.

Think in your mind what you use Facebook for. If you had to tell me this, 5 years ago:

I update my friends on what I’m doing. I can see their photo’s and comment on them. If I see someone I know in your photos, i can tag

So there are certainly obvious benefits. But I think what is of more value is the subtle changes.
– “Been” (sic.) Soup Spell check
– Drag and drop images
– realtime updates

And so forth…

Check it out!

Remove Features?

From Robert Scoble

Let’s see.

Apple II? Didn’t have switches on the front.
Macintosh? No tape drive. No cursor keys.
Next? No disk drive.
iMac? No floppy drive.
iPod? No on/off button.
iPhone? No keyboard.

Where did I get this from? Tom Conrad, CTO of Pandora. He used to work at Apple. He tells me he asks himself what he should remove from his products to make them simpler. One thing he did on Pandora? Made the UI much smaller than a typical Web page. People asked him to add features. He said “they don’t fit.”

He thinks Twitter is successful because it got rid of a ton of features — he compared it to Google’s Dodgeball, which had more features but not as much buzz.

What feature will Steve Jobs kill next? How about you, which feature are you getting rid of to make your product/service/store/business simpler?

What a great idea!