The Alternative Health Show #003 – What is Bowen Therapy?

The Alternative Health Show #003 (MP3 – 11.2MB – 16:21min)


0:25 Bowen is a great modality
0:49 So what is “Bowen Therapy?” A massage, talking?

0:59 Its simple non invasive moves

2:11 Taps into the autonomic nervous system

3:37 What is Bowen Therapy good for?
3:44 Inflamation, subluxation, misalignment in the body, headaches, migranes

4:39 What is it not good for?
4:58 Cancer, lymphatic drainage

6:06 You must drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins

6:32 This sounds a lot like Chinese medicine, Bowen sounds “Aussie”

6:36 (sorry about the dog…)
6:41 Discovered by an Australian “Tom Bowen

7:38 What was it that attracted you to Bowen?

8:18 You’ve got one of the best modality!
8:32 What makes a good modality?
8:42 Its very fast and effective

9:12 It sounds like the sort of treatment you’d go when you don’t know what other treatments will work

10:51 What makes a good Bowen Therapist?

12:20 Where does someone learn to become a Bowen Therapist?
13:08 Bow Tech

14:43 And how do we find you?
14:47 Glebe Healing Center or phone +61 2 9566-1222

The Alternative Health Show #002 What is Chiropractic?

The Alternative Health Show #002 (MP3 – 3.8MB – 22min)


First… Feedback from Show #001 How can drugs affect childbirth?

Interview with Dr Michael Epstein, Chiropractor
01:19 What is Chiropractic?
01:32 Orthodontist for the spine…
01:35 An Orthodontist can non surgically remodel teeth
01:42 Chiropractic has the technology to do this for the spine
01:44 The only difference between fixing a spinal alignment and teeth, is that when you realign the spine, not only does the spine function better, so does the Central Nervous System

01:31 Yeah, but don’t you just crunch bones…?
01:59 Spinal Manipulation has been around for thousands of years
02:07 Chiropractors have turned this into a science
02:16 It has been shown that it is the most effective treatment for some of the most common problem that affect human beings
02:21 Chronic spinal pain, accute spinal pain and headaches!

02:51 The proper term for the “pop” or “crunch” is cavitation
03:25 Michael explains the science behind ‘cavitation’
03:50 What about the old wives tale “don’t crack your knuckles, you’ll get arthritis”?

04:51 Are there side affects?
07:52 None apart from soreness (similar to going to the gym)
08:20 “Statistically, there’s a much greater chance of you injuring yourself driving to my office than you are from being adjusted”

09:23 Christian asks “when do you get better?”
10:11 Information about “Relief care” and “Corrective care”

13:07 “Ever since I’ve been seeing my Chiropractor, I’ve never had a cold…”

16:14 If the twig is bent, so goes the tree…

18:14 Where did you do your training?

20:01 Understanding Chiropractic procedures:
20:28 The Chiropractic Association of Australia

The Alternative Health Show #001 What is a Doula?

The Alternative Health Show #001 (MP3 5 MB 34:00 Min)

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In our first show we learn about Doulas! Who they are and why would you want one? We speak with Becks Armstrong, a qualified acupuncturist and Doula. She tells us the ins and outs and how pregancy and child birth can benefit with the help of a Doula


0:18 Becks, what’s a Doula?
0:24 A Doula is a support person for labour
0:34 Helps naturalise a very unfamiliar situation

0:46 What’s the difference between a Doula and a mid-wife or obstetrician?

0:49 A Doula is a non medical support person
1:21 (Ignorant male) How does this differ say from a woman with her mother there?

3:12 Are you there the whole time during the labour?

3:39 As soon as they need me or as soon as I can hear in their voice they aren’t coping well, I’m there for every single breath!

4:05 What’s the longest labour you’ve been involved with?
4:12 25 hrs in the company of the woman!!!

4:44 Becks specialises in acupuncture, Women’s Health, pregnancy and child birth

5:19 Are there birth junkies???

6:04 Midwives are under staffed which is why Doula’s are becoming more popular
6:10 Doulas are employed privately
6:29 One midwife can service 3 women in labour
6:36 The benefit of having a Doula is the continuity of care

7:56 Becks “You’re not there to do the midwife’s job, you’re the just to support”

9:36 What’s the worst thing that you’ve heard?
9:47 The father that said “its absolutely fashionable to have a Cesarean, I have to go back to work”

11:07 Drugs and birth?
11:27 Pethadine

14:48 What about acupuncture as a pain base treatment?

18:26 What made you choose this as a career?

19:29 Are these clients from your private acupuncture practice or do they call you on the day of the birth?

22:18 Dial’a’Doula

23:27 How do you charge? Hourly? Call out rate?

30:56 How do you find a Doula? Beck’s webpage