Telling a story…

In a recent post, Seth Godin wrote

Here’s a $20 bottle of soap. Functionally identical to a $3 bottle, so what’s the $17 for?

He then lists several reasons why someone would pay an extra $17.

I’ve written before on the 6 Human Needs, but I thought it was worth repeating. The quick version:

Every basic human need can be boiled down to one of six:
1. Certainty (I have a ham & cheese sandwich every day because that’s why I have for lunch)
2. Uncertainty – picking a fight, trying something new, a bored teenager wanting a new experience. It doesn’t matter if it is good or bad, so long as it is different
3. Significance – it makes me feel important / different / special
4. Connection / Love – Having a pet, flirting, talking to a stranger
5. Growth – if we don’t grow we die!
6. Contribution – giving back

Take for example an armed robbery. Uncertainty – Anything could happen! Significance – if I pull a gun on you I am the center of your attention. Certainty – I know I will feel significant if I pull a gun on you.

Using the Soap Bottle:  the hang tag, mineral botanic, Dead Sea Laboratories, bamboo and pansy, very dry skin, French + velvet!

These are all either Significance (if this is your first time) or Certainty (you know that it is worth the extra $17)

Interesting eh?!

How would this product need to change to meet your need for Growth (by using this you will learn…) or Connection?  THAT makes this world a better place 😉

I wouldn’t ignore it…

(I’m on a Six Human Needs rant)

Again Seth posted here .  Short version – World-class violinist plays for hours in a subway station, almost no one stops to listen.

Seth then asks:  But why all the mail? (And the Post got plenty too). Answer: I think it’s because people realized that if they had been there, they would have done the same thing. And it bothers us.

I’d push a bit deeper and then ask why does it bother you?

Do you have a need for significance or certainty?  If you did, how would you react to ignoring the Violinist?

Living in Sydney, every once in a while I’ve see a great performer either doing it for free, or for their own variety or whatever.   I saw a brilliant musician – Lindsay Buckland.  Same situation – just doing his thing.  I brought his cd’s on the spot.

Next time maybe you should stop and listen?

Six Human Needs…

I saw this post on Seth’s site.

The background is that he saw a great movie and was curious why he wanted to share this everyone.

I think I can nail the reason why in one! But first some background:

According to Tony Robbins and others, there are 6 Basic Human Needs.

  1. Certainty/Comfort. We all want comfort. And much of this comfort comes from certainty. We want certainty the car will start, the toilet will work, and the currency we use will hold its value.
  2. Variety. At the same time we want certainty, we also seek variety. The cliché teenager “I’m BORED!!!”
  3. Significance. Deep down, we all want to be important. You know the person who keeps asking “does this look nice” “do you still like me” “tell me how good I am”
  4. Connection/Love. It would be hard to argue against the need for love. We want to feel part of a community. We want to be cared for and cared about.

The last two are much bigger picture. For the purposes of this post I’ll just summarise them as:

  1. Growth. (if you don’t grow you die.)
  2. Contribution. (The desire to give back)

Seth, so when you say:

Why was it so important to me to tell other people? It’s not a movie that will make the world a better place. It won’t increase my reputation or give me a sense of power to be able to tell people about it. So why?

I don’t know. It’s just a really good movie

Yes you do! If you really thought about it, you would know why you want to tell others!

It could be either two things #3 Significance or #4 Love & Connection. If you’ve been reading Seth’s blog, you’d know he really is a good bloke. He doesn’t come across to me as the loud, attention seeking guy.

So my money is on #4 – He wants to share something with you. He doesn’t really care if you like it or not. But I bet if you went back to him and said “hell yeah, that was fracking brilliant!” He’d feel on top of the world!