Linq – Multiple Group By

This has been bugging me for a LONG time!

I’ve finally found an example of how to group by multiple values using LINQ:
IList doc_infos = new List();

doc_infos.Add(new doc_info { region = "UK", price = 100, currency = "US" });
doc_infos.Add(new doc_info { region = "US", price = 100, currency = "US" });

var docs = doc_infos.GroupBy(x => new { x.price, x.currency })
.Select(group => new { d = group.Key, Count = group.Count() });

For more examples, have a look here.


I’ve been trying to tackle this monster the past week.

Here’s what I’ve learnt:
1. It’s implementation on the .net framework has changed a LOT! Most samples available are out of date and won’t compile

2. It’s potential is massive! For the first time, I can see Test Driven Development really working!

3. The current version does not work well with the .NET AJAX Toolkit controls

4. There are many parts to it! While the MVC Pattern sounds simple, it only works effectively with the Repository Pattern and Dependency Injection

Still, I’m hooked!

Learn Ruby without installing anything!

Saw this here.

Imagine if Microsoft did this with Visual Studio???

Have a look!

Writing / Debugging a Windows Service in VS 2005

(There’s a million of these out there) but here’s one I haven’t seen before.

Short version is that you include a form in your service. Start your service with a command line (ie. Service.exe -instance) and it runs from a form.


Cool eh?!

Dropdown field in a gridview

You know when you come across something you *know* is really good, but have little if any need for it right now??

Well, that’s the case with this. It shows you how to do a drop down list in a grid view.

Rock on!



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