Recovering lost disk space on Windows 7

A colleague at work suggested I download Team Fortress 2 since it’s now free on Steam.

It requires about 10 gig disk space – I only had about 3.5gig. Scott Hanselman recently wrote a blog post on how to Freeing up Disk Space under Windows 7.

I’m normally quite skeptical on these suggestions. 9 times out of 10 they are common sense.

Long story short, I did the first 4 steps (he has about 10 more) and I got back almost 20 gig back!

Who’d have thought?


I’ve been trying to tackle this monster the past week.

Here’s what I’ve learnt:
1. It’s implementation on the .net framework has changed a LOT! Most samples available are out of date and won’t compile

2. It’s potential is massive! For the first time, I can see Test Driven Development really working!

3. The current version does not work well with the .NET AJAX Toolkit controls

4. There are many parts to it! While the MVC Pattern sounds simple, it only works effectively with the Repository Pattern and Dependency Injection

Still, I’m hooked!

iPod, Flash & Scoble??

I read this morning Rober Scoble’s post regarding the iPod and Flash. A quick summary:

On a week when Microsoft landed a big deal to put Silverlight on Nokia phones, Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs, tells Adobe that there won’t be Flash on the iPhone.

I remember reading that an iPod will never have pictures. That an iPod will never have video and I remember how long it took for Apple to get on the whole Podcast band wagon.

I agree with Socble that this is an opportunity for Silverlight etc. but if I was Adobe I wouldn’t be slashing my wrists just yet.

I see there are three ways this could go:

  1. Apple could team up with someone and provide an alternate to Flash
  2. The market could just write a version  of Flash and hook it in
  3. Apple could just do nothing

It is very unlikely that option 3 will happen.  So it’s either 1) or 2).

Apple didn’t embrace Podcasts, the market went forth anyway. Option 2) is a possibility.  Google has a big investment in Flash (YouTube etc).  Commercially, there is a lot of potential for Google and Adobe to combine and come up with something.

Apple teaming up with someone else???  The “someone else” would really have to change the way they work.  Microsoft?  Its possible…  My bet is still with the 2nd one.

We’ll see!

Google Docs a Fail???

Scoble did a post suggesting that Google Docs is a failure.

I’ve just started using Google Spreadsheet seriously.  I think Scoble is being a little over dramatic.

To me, it is all about the right tool for the right job.  I’m using Google Spreadsheet because the people I am working with are a lot older than I and “online collaboration” isn’t something they understand.

I often laugh when people complain about problems with something that is free.

I do agree that Google Docs has limited features.  But I also remember the early days of java and the promises of using a spreadsheet in your browser.

So no, I don’t think Google docs is choc full of fail.  Are they listening?  Well I would think so but I can’t imagine they are going to do much about it.

Seriously, why should Google do anything about this?  Adobe has come out with Buzzword.  I think that it is an interesting experiment for Google, but there is no revenue in it…

To me, the real question is “if Google Docs really is failing, then who is succeeding?”

If no one is succeeding, then why should / would Google do something different???

VS 2005 not loading project on IIS 7 and Vista

From here

If you get this error when loading a Web Application project on Visual Studio 2005 running on Vista and IIS 7 –

“Unable to read the project file ‘xxx.csproj’. The Web Application Project xxx is configured to use IIS. To access local IIS Web sites, you must install all of the following components:

Internet Information Services.

IIS 6 Metabase and IIS 6 Configuration Compatibility


In addition, you must run Visual Studio in the context of an administrator account……..”

Do the following –

  • Run VS.Net 2005 as Administrator – On the VS.Net 2005 shortcut, right click, Properties-Compatability and check the Run as administrator box is checked.
  • Check if ASP.NET is installed: Go to Control PanelPrograms and Features Turn Windows features on or offInternet Information ServicesWorld Wide Web ServicesApplication Development Features – Check ASP.Net option.
  • Make sure the IIS 6 compatibility is installed: Go to Control PanelPrograms and Features Turn Windows features on or offInternet Information Services – Web Management ToolsIIS 6 Management Compatibility – Check all of them.
  • Works for me!