Why I love WordPress!

My blog has never seen so much traffic before!

In October, I wrote about Crazy Domains and their poor level of service.

Tonight, I noticed a flood of comments (well, there were 3!)

The funny thing is, did you notice how the Identicons are all the same?

So I’ll put aside the fact that it is the same person posting as different people.

My issue is:

  • Their customer service is terrible
  • I can’t change the username or password for our admin account
  • Their instructions on how to configure DNS just doesn’t make sense.

So while I admire Robert, Jenny & Andrew’s enthusiasm, I’m still stuck with a poor service…

Crazy Domain's are awful!

We’ve just moved our DNS and Email services to Crazy Domains and the short version is that they are terrible!


We have about 40 – 50 DNS & Email services we are maintaining.  Our current provider’s process is too manual (for a DNS change I need to log a ticket and then call them to action it!)

But Crazy Domains are worse!

Once you have signed up, they will email you instructions that just do not make sense.

When they create your account, the username and passwords are the same and there is no option to change it!

During the week I tried their 24/7 Email support – it took 2 days for a reply!

Or you could try ringing them – I was on hold for 8 minutes before someone answered.  Then they hung up on me!

Crazy Domains’ are a cheap service, but when you are calculating the cost for their service, don’t forget to add the time you will spend speak with their support staff.

Rock on!