Recovering lost disk space on Windows 7

A colleague at work suggested I download Team Fortress 2 since it’s now free on Steam.

It requires about 10 gig disk space – I only had about 3.5gig. Scott Hanselman recently wrote a blog post on how to Freeing up Disk Space under Windows 7.

I’m normally quite skeptical on these suggestions. 9 times out of 10 they are common sense.

Long story short, I did the first 4 steps (he has about 10 more) and I got back almost 20 gig back!

Who’d have thought?

What is Klout?

What is Klout?

Recently, Cathie McGinn tweeted:

I first heard of Klout during an interview with their CEO Joe Fernandez, on This Week in Startups.

So what is it? For me, Klout is a method of measuring who is popular in social media and why.

Lets use a few examples:

Three people I admire, and all with a Klout score of 60 or better.

The “score” is a percentile rank. 60 or above means you are in the top 40%.

Below is a screen shot of Scott’s, Em’s & Cathie’s profiles:

This is very powerful stuff! It allows me to see how I compare to my peers, and provides me with intelligent data on what I can do to improve my social profile.

If I was being honest with myself, I’d say that I am focused, but not very consistent – the images above reflect this.


The lesson learnt here is that I need to create and I need to do this more often.

Back to Cathies’ tweet, it makes sense that she feels her most influential topics aren’t relevant to her – Klout describes Cathie as a Broadcaster – “She broadcasts great content that spreads like wildfire. An essential information source in her industry.

Great!  From that I can conclude that I should be connecting with people like Cathie more often.  If what I write resonates with her, then there is a good chance she will tell her network.


Another extreme would Australian Comedian, Wil Anderson:

Klout thinks’ Wil is most influential on kurt cobain, the royal wedding & miley cyrus.  If you have listened to Wil’s podcast TOFOP, then you will have some idea of why the royal wedding was popular but also his material is very broad.


What can we learn from all this? 3 take home points:

  1. Don’t take the score too seriously!  (Klout thinks I am influential on Unicorns…)  It is a great tool to see what makes up a person with a score of 20, 30 or 40.  It’s less clear on how you go from a 61 to a 67.
  2. It is a good way to see who is doing what in social media – what’s working and what isn’t
  3. Lastly, it is the only tool I’ve seen that allows you to compare yourself across a wide range of people
What do you think?  What tools do you use to measure & monitor your social profile?
Rock on!

The problem with Tekpub…

The problem with Tekpub…

I like Rob Conery. But he is the sort of guy who just seems to go out of his way to cause trouble…

A good example is a post I wrote a couple of years ago.

What’s funny is that Rob even commented on the post. But unfortunately he missed the point. Rob is a classic “Ready, Fire, AIM!” type of person.

Case in point, I recently purchased a 12 month Tekpub subscription. (Tekpub is an online technical education resource).

Now a 12 month subscription for a little under $300 is good value. It’s competitors are either Youtube videos or companies like Plural Sight.

Last week, Rob posted this tweet:

Awesome! So why did I pay full price?

But that’s ok, Rob’s a good bloke! So I pinged him, asked if I could get a 29% extension, sent my Order Number (twice), followed him up…

And then? Well not much!

I don’t know what to make of it. Maybe he has updated my subscription? Maybe he hasn’t. Funny thing is that Tekpub doesn’t show when your subscription ends, just when you signed up.

I’ll keep you posted…

windows cannot automatically bind the ip protocol to the ip stack

windows cannot automatically bind the ip protocol to the ip stack


I’ve just spent 2 hours tracking this down.

My wife is running Windows 7 Home on a Compaq Presario and her wireless networking stopped.

When I ran the diagnostic, the only meaningful message I could get was:

windows cannot automatically bind the ip protocol to the ip stack

Not very helpful!

Googling provided many similar articles.

This didn’t help, but I did notice that “Kaspersky Anti-Virus” seemed to be the cause.

This was odd (the laptop has AVG). But I did notice something… AVG was constantly giving me a reminder that it had been updated and needed a reboot. After the 3rd reboot, I thought this was it.

So I tried to uninstall AVG, but got the message “AVG Error Code 0xC0070643”.

Some more googling suggested I restart in Safe Mode and manually delete the c:\program files\avg folders.

This seemed a little drastic, but I had nothing else to go by so I deleted the folders.

After a reboot, still no networking!

At this point, I think that AVG is the cause and that during the automatic upgrade, it didn’t uninstall the previous version. Not much help and still no networking. I also must add that the ethernet port didn’t work either.

Again this got me thinking that AVG might have some sort of intercept to networking level? A quick check under Control Panel / Network and Intenet / Network Connections, select the wireless network card, right click on Properties and what did I see?

Ugg! 2nd from the top, AVG network filter driver.

Disabled this and I was good to go!

I downloaded AVG and installed. AVG thought it was already installed, so I selected Repair and good to go.

Again it was odd, but AVG seemed to hang. It has been running for the last 20 minutes “repairing”. The progress bar is changing (so it hasn’t stopped). It just seems to be going very very slowly.

I hope this helps!

Rock on,

Social media in school

On the Ask a Teacher blogJacqui Murray asks the question:

What do you think of Facebook in school?

I thought this was a great question that should be teased out.

In her post, she says that her school has banned access to Facebook, Youtube, Flickr etc. Yet these sites have kids excited about learning & excited about technology.

What I thought was interesting, is that Jaqui included a link to two youtube videos on what Social Media / Networking is.  But more on that in a moment.

My first reaction was to identify what would be banned in a school and should be banned.  There is no doubt that even soft porn has no place in school.  Even sites like Break (which has scantly dressed women and guys being kicked in the nuts) should be removed.

So what is the purpose of banning sites?  I can understand the argument that Facebook and Twitter offer limited (if any) educational value.  They are “fun”, but do they offer anything more meaningful?

But have a look at the two youtube video’s Jacqui linked to.  CommonCraft describe themselves as a creator of three-minute videos to help educators and influencers
introduce complex subjects.  (RSA have also done something similar).

To say the study of a businesses (and industry) that  just did not exist 5 years ago has no value in our schools is just crazy.  I think that if you are involved in media studies, art or even an english teacher and you are not using this medium, then you are doing your students a disservice.

Then again, there always will be someone willing to get kicked in the nuts!

Failing to think different?

Jeff LaMarche writes a reply to Molly Wood’s post.  Molly takes the position that Apple failed to think different with the iPad.  She goes on to say that Apple should stop trying to convince her the IPad is better than a netbook.

Well Princess, I don’t think Steve Jobs had you in mind when he came up with the thing!  What about iTunes?  Was he thinking of you then?  How about the iPod?  Did he give you a ring to run it by you?

Jeff sums it up nicely making a very strong point – I don’t hate my dishwasher because I can’t get to the command line. I don’t hate my DVD player because it runs a proprietary operating system

I agree with Scott Adams – the iPad will win against the Kindle.  How come you didn’t think of that Molly?

Rock on!