Stackoverflow #38

I was listening to StackOverflow podcast #38 and I found that Joel really touched on something.

Towards the end, Joel was fired up about a discussion on a Hanselminutes Podcast.  From the show notes:

Joel talks about Robert Martin’s (aka Uncle Bob) Solid Principles, as explained on a recent Hanselminutes podcast.

Joel: “it sounded like extremely bureaucratic programming” that “could theoretically protect you against things, but You Aren’t Gonna Need It.”

As a general concept, I couldn’t agree with Joel more.  So many times you hear how the benefits of a new tool / technique / method is the best thing since sliced bread.  But I often found myself scratching the surface feeling that in theory that’s great, but it is just lacking enough detail to make it a realistic solutions:

What suprises me the most, is how tollerant people are.  For instance, MVC particulary got under my skin.  Rob Conery’s videos make out that it is just SO easy.  But scratch the surface and all you end up with is smoke and mirrors.   I even asked a question about it on Stackoverflow.

Joel, I think you are spot on!

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  1. Rob Conery

    Hi Christian-

    MVC is probably the very first programming pattern in existence and can be traced back to Xerox PARC and SmallTalk in the 70's. The concept is hardly new, and is now embraced by most of the world's web platforms.

    In terms of my suggesting it's easy – it's quite the contrary. This is *not* supposed to be drag and drop simple – it's supposed to help you as a developer write good code. Unit Tests are part of that.

    Smoke and Mirros perhaps – but I would challenge you to try and see why people like MVC.