Seth Godin posted a Lessons from Voting in response to Galactic Interstellar Super Tuesday.

So I thought I’d post the difference between Australia and the US:

  • Here it is compulsory to vote. And we do it on a Saturday. It seems just weird to go out and vote on your lunch break
  • I don’t get the vote for your candidate thing. Do you vote twice? Once for Democrats (Clinton), and once for Republicans (Romney)
  • If you voted for someone that resigns (Giuliani) do you feel like you wasted vote?
  • America doesn’t have voting parties, Australian’s do. There’s even a movie about it!
  • On one hand, Seth thinks that it there are too many paid poll workers. On the other, he says the poll machines screw up a lot. I prefer the Australian way of putting a number on a form and someone counting it.

I think the voting process here is more of a carnival type atmosphere. In Australia, we vote in schools. The local Scout Association group often will sell sausages or similar. Its fun!