When a dirty job is a good job

When a dirty job is a good job

I was doing some research on Simon Sinek. He writes for AskMen.com and I came across their Top 10 TED Talks.

I came across this little gem. It’s a talk by Mike Rowe, from the Dirty Jobs show.

I won’t steal his thunder, just watch:

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  1. worddreams

    TED has some amazing talks. I did a post on it for my Technology integration in Eduction column. The speakers present to the layperson in a quick eighteen minutes max (although I see Mike Rowe took 20).

    Another amazing site with scholarly presentations is DSpace @MIT where MIT gives away tons of free MIT-like knowledge. Then there's Hans Rosslinger who makes statistics understandable. There are some wonderful groups that are making education attainable to all and for that, my teacher soul is happy.