Why I love WordPress!

My blog has never seen so much traffic before!

In October, I wrote about Crazy Domains and their poor level of service.

Tonight, I noticed a flood of comments (well, there were 3!)

The funny thing is, did you notice how the Identicons are all the same?

So I’ll put aside the fact that it is the same person posting as different people.

My issue is:

  • Their customer service is terrible
  • I can’t change the username or password for our admin account
  • Their instructions on how to configure DNS just doesn’t make sense.

So while I admire Robert, Jenny & Andrew’s enthusiasm, I’m still stuck with a poor service…

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  1. You will probably not see my partners website as it is down again, I am the developer. This was my experience:
    I moved from bluehost to crazydomains 2 weeks ago. I was very happy with bluehost, had excelent service, their help was fast and great especially online help with chat which was instant. The only reason I moved to crazydomains was to get a .com.au site which should’ve boost or enhance my 2 month campaign on SEO which was very successfull this far. I was on page 2 when moved as I thought the only way to hit front page on google and Bing is to have a .com.au site from Australia. Since I moved, they first messed up my domain registration and server ip’s, their cPanel is 80% worse than bluehost offerings. The website has been down 7 times in two weeks, I still have the .com site, not down once. The server crashed yesterday, server failure. It is down now for 2 days. I’ve had sooooo many client complaints and lost so much business it is scary to think off. Everytime I call, I’m in a queue for nearly an hour or more, the only thing they can tell me is they are working on the problem and their servers are failing, harware failures. I checked the server, it is obvious they overloaded it, the disc failures in the logs indicate total overload. I asked them to redirect the site to the .com site, they can’t do that. They have no backups, no failover capability, no contingency plan nothing. I even tried a last backup, but that does not work. I checked my search today on google and bing, I’m not even featuring on SEO as Google site crawler unfortunately tried to crawl my site the past few days. 2 months of dollors and huge amount of time spent down the drain, what a disgrace. And all they can tell me is they can’t do anything about it. They did not even return my emails or tickets, they don’t give a dime about your website or business. I was bumped from second to NOT FEATURING AT ALL on seo, horriffic I tell you. This turns out to be my worst nightmare, I will move away from them today. I asked them for cancellation, they can’t even do that. I asked them with whom do I speak, there is no one. DONT use these guys, they are worse than pathetic and total rip offs, they take your money is all they are interested in, in 20 years in an IT career I’ve never seen worse than this!!