Crazy Domain's are awful!

We’ve just moved our DNS and Email services to Crazy Domains and the short version is that they are terrible!


We have about 40 – 50 DNS & Email services we are maintaining.  Our current provider’s process is too manual (for a DNS change I need to log a ticket and then call them to action it!)

But Crazy Domains are worse!

Once you have signed up, they will email you instructions that just do not make sense.

When they create your account, the username and passwords are the same and there is no option to change it!

During the week I tried their 24/7 Email support – it took 2 days for a reply!

Or you could try ringing them – I was on hold for 8 minutes before someone answered.  Then they hung up on me!

Crazy Domains’ are a cheap service, but when you are calculating the cost for their service, don’t forget to add the time you will spend speak with their support staff.

Rock on!


  1. They failed to renew my domains, even though I paid a month before they were due. And someone else took my domains

  2. crazy domains are the cheapest domain registrar and provide the best service in my opinion. They have never given me any trouble. I have 50 domain names with them and have not yet to come across any problems from the systems or their service. I have referred them onto all my friends and family and i get only good feedback.
    Maybe you had a once off problem, no business is perfect. there will always be a few problems which are just inevitable. CRAZY DOMAINS ALL THE WAY!! GO CRAZY GO!!

  3. Crazy domains are the best! quality service and products at a good price. Especially dealing with Richard one of the techs. He is just the best. always spot on and quick to help me. I love crazy domains <3

    • former crazydomains

      Jenny, you obviously partake in the odd intake of crack because you are talking out yours.

      Richard has to be the most useless techie (for lack of a better title) as the two times i've been unfortunate enough for the moron to answer my calls (albeit after 15mins on hold), he has demonstrated his lack of intelligence. I fear napolean dynamite could best richard with his eyes closed… in short, he's a moron!

      Crazy domains are shite. It can't be put any simpler than that. From screwing around with your valuable domain names, through to on-selling a piss poor hosting service that hostgator's cheapest account can outperform… for a fraction of the price!

      In summary, Crazy domains are so shite, they spammed this site – check the post date and times… dont you find it curious that 3 "random" people would all post within 5-10 minutes?

      Hey Crazydomains, the secret is out, you suck royal dick!

      • Anders

        You can tell Richard was the "dick" behind these "go crazy go" posts… who else would blow themselves that hard?

  4. You shouldn't attempt to maintain a website.

    In my opinion you should just leave it to someone who knows what their doing instead of blaming your incompetence on a well proven and reliable company

  5. Robert, Jenny and Andrew, how come your Avatar in my comment is the same???


  6. James Acton

    Well, I have to agree – they have dreadful service.

    I thought I would give them a try to save money after using ilisys for several sites.

    I keep getting error messages, and help is absurd. They don't even respond to my questions giving me some response unrelated to my question.

    Avoid them – you may save money but you wont have reliable service or sites!

  7. I have to agree

    customer support people are so utterly STUPID!,waste of money

  8. I host with Crazy and yeah there support is minimal but they are pretty cheap. I havent had any issues with them so thats why I was interested in this post

    • Update: I have left Crazy domains, wasnt too much of a hassle to get free of them.

      • Look to be honest I never had any real issues with them, but then again I never really needed that much form of support from them. Sometimes it did take days for them to get back to me, but meh my requests were never that urgent but I dont think I would ever have a reseller account with them… I would go with someone like Digital Pacific,, they have pretty affordable plans and are quite accessible

      • So who did you go to? I've used before, their support is great, (I've IM'd them at all sorts of crazy hours, and they have always responded). But they don't do .au domains


  10. i am new to crazy domains, and as many i bought in because they were cheaper than my current hosting service. but after one week of bad replies incompetent service and bad attitude form the staff i will be terminating my hosting with crazy domains. i dont know every thing about web sites, but the help i get from my other web hosting company is miles appart, so i strongly urge everyone to stay away from crazydomains they are cheap and offer a bad service.

  11. I paid for my domain to be renewed with crazy domains.

    They didn't renew it then sent me an email (after prodding them) saying they don't support overseas customers (even though I'm Australian).

    They said they've refunded me, not in my account yet but it f__king better.


  12. Has Crazy Domains crashed? Closed shop? I've been trying to call them for a week now and get the first 'ring' then silence. Earlier in the week it rang a couple of times then I got a message saying something like the voucher code wasnt recognised?? WTF??
    I havnt had any problems with them previously but have now backed up my sites.
    After reading posts on this site, I gotta say, its pretty piss poor that so many of these 'companies' can offer such shit service and not be held responsible.

  13. Crazy Domains Are worst host ever been with then since Jan 2009 just about broke me with phone calls. never reply to emails no phone support, never answer shit service alround.
    stay away from these rip offs..

    if you like more down time than uptime they would be perfect hosts!!!!

  14. Worst possible technical support on the planet. They took 3 days to respond to a basic question. The response received did not even address my question. Please spend a few more dollars and go to AussieHQ, never CrazyDomains

    • Crazy Are full of S@#t, Monday my site was down until Wednesday afternoon.
      Phone every day 2-3 times. Then on Wednesday i cracked the S@#ts with them.
      Phoned them up to cancel my account they said they had just fixed error. after they had told me it was not there problem at least 7 times before this.

      Then today email arrived saying they where looking in to my problem. After they already fixed yesterday no IDEA.
      glad when my final account has been changed over to new host. they maybe cheap but nasty as well.

  15. Crazy Domains – I must be crazy.

    Have quite a few domains with netRegistry, thought I'd give crazy domains a go. Well first domain in and already getting issues with changing details.

    Have emailed support will see what comes of it. Let me say for the last 3 years 0 issues with NR… Mayby thats why I paid a bit more…

  16. I wish I had read this post before…now I'm wasting my time wrestling with their stupid techies >_<

    BTW former crazydomains customer, i cant help but laughing for your post!!

  17. not sure now -->

    sh!t me…just registered with crazy and found this site on google!

    fingers/eyes/legs cross folks….

    got to love pam pic/ad

  18. Just called crazy domains for the 4th time… “Hello Richard Speaking…” Ouch.

  19. almost registered with crazy domain.. lucky

    LOL! I am so lucky to check this out before I registered with them.

  20. Too late! I only went looking for "crazydomains sucks" tonight after a week of hopeless non-service from them.

    I foolishly picked up three "free domain registration" vouchers from the bimbos on their CEbit stand last week. Well maybe collecting vouchers from cute girls is not so bad. But using them was. So was paying for one URL redirection and two hosting plans. Basically the domains got registered but their registration emails failed to arrive. Phone help was negligible. Got one url redirect to work. also one of two hosting accounts was accessible. However although that site got uploaded and was accessible last night, tonight it is not. Nor is the "coming soon" page on the last site.

    Phone help stops at 8pm.

    "Live status" shows all green.

    whois gives a script error

    so obviously one or more of their machines is down and there is no one interested in checking. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week?

    I am reluctant to charge my clients for publishing their pages on this host.

  21. I have been with Crazy domains for just on 1 year – Ill be brutally honest, their customer support sucks absoute shite. No phone number you can call (that works) No reply to ANY emails… its just totally hopeless.

    They wont reply, yet they will send you a renewal reminder…. My website has been down for 6 hours now, so has theirs.. and its not like you can find out why.. Thank GOD my renewal is up halfway through July, time to backup the databases!"

    • lol. I am guessing the creditors have come in and they are bankrupt.

      Email and their web hosting have been offline for the past 8 hours. If you call their support number (1300 210 210) you will hear the message “Sorry, this service is unavailable”.

      Perhaps they should have better invested their money in something other than Pamela Anderson: (Brisbane Times link)

      • lol, sadly Christian I think you are correct. A few less hundred thousand on a has-been baywatch star and few more hundred on staff and infrastructure wouldn’t have gone astray.

        I did get an automated reply from their ticket system!!! I feel so special…

        • For what its worth, I was using Crazy Domains for email. It took me less than 15 minutes to move across to Google Apps.

          Good luck!

  22. just to end this saga.. . for the first time they actually gave a reason.. it finally came
    back online about 11pm last night and this morning I got a mail, to my absolute surprise (as i thought they would try and sweep it all under the rug)


    Thank you for your email.

    Unfortunately there was an unexpected error which caused a malfunction in the data center as well as our support system.

    We’re sorry that our telephone support was not reachable this morning.

    Our senior analysts have been working hard on the repair and assure us that all services should be running perfectly since then.

    We have got our ticket/email system back.

    Emails will slowly filter through the backup MX server.

    Please allow some more times and everything should work normally.

    If you have further queries, please feel free to let us know.”

  23. We use crazydomains and have never had issue with them.
    In fact I am at a loss as to what you bunch are whining and whinging about.

    Mind you we dont host with them. Dont get me started on shitty web hosts.

    Anyhoo, as for retarded dns times/updates/edits . We have never had issue with this, and we own circa 1000+ domains across a broad array of registrars.

    More aptly is the recent demise of BottleDomains.

    • Serious?

      You can't be monitoring your services if you haven't noticed the outages. Try a twitter search or a Facebook Search.

      • We monitor all of our registrars.

        If you have issues with registrars then take it up with Auda.
        If you have issues with billing sysles take it up with your bank.

        Simple really.
        If you get bad service, then shift your domains.

        I dont get invloved on Twitter or Facebook, seems to be a veil of idiocracy I dont want to get involved with.
        However your comment “outages” would imply your main gripe is with hosting?

        If so we stopped using Australian Servers about 6 months ago, the only ones we would entertain were Maquarie, but their costs mean offshore hosting is the go for us.

        I concur tho, that on the whole, the Australian domain/hosting industry albeit is heavily policied, is intrincly shite.

        Personally, we now use a small cluster server, and 2 non dependant servers in the states.

        If maquarie dropped their prices, I would whack our Aussie stuff on their servers, as they are or seem to be very professional.

        • I'm glad I'm not a client of yours! If you were monitoring crazy domains, you would see that when they go down, it can be down for 36 – 48 hrs, their website does not explain why or how and that why their call center was off line.

          Perhaps if you paid more attention to facebook and twitter you would see what we are "whining and whinging about".

  24. I think Crazy Domain is the worst ever. Only mental people who using them. Feel so sorry about this. Well, Crazy Domain, Crazy Staff, Crazy Website, Crazy and Crazy anything. Moron

    • Well Anhony, I don’t think that I am mental, just a victim.

      I never received the e-mails needed to activate three services and then bill my clients. I thought that perhaps they had been overrun by new customers after their Cebit promotion so I made a call to CD to complain and then waited. I was surprised when my credit card statement arrived a month later to see I had been billed for four services by a different firm. The bank accepted that there was a dispute and that I did not have to pay until they heard from the supplier. I included my phone number in the complaint to the bank and expected that would cause a human from CD to call and we could sort things out (e.g. this time by staying on the line until they actually send the e-mails). I was still happy to pay for the services promised. What happened was nothing. Today I called the bank which told me that the dispute was closed and my account would be credited.

      So read into this what you will.

      It is a pity because the advertised rates and services are quite attractive.

  25. I had 5 domains hosted with them so I am qualified to say that THEY DO SUCK. especially with windows hosting for ASP.NET. And for the normal PHP things they suck at support. Even a simple question takes forever to response and never once real phone support.

    In summary, they suck.

  26. randolph42

    Requested tech support via email 10 days ago. Sent 2 reminders. No contact.
    So I rang the 1300 number and was on hold for 20 min but just when I thought crazydomains tech support was a myth someone answered.
    He made a lot of claims about support systems going down recently but he did have my email and they had not answered it in 10 days.
    Can't run a business on this service – forget it.
    I was going to sign up for more hosting but it would be foolish to pay a year in advance for crap.


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