Wealth Mastery Melbourne 2008 – CANCELLED!

Interesting!  This week Wealth Master in Melbourne, Australia 2008 was cancelled.  It will interesting to see how EmpowerNet bounce back from this.

I certainly embrace the whole Anthony Robbins process, but at times feel that as a product, they fall short of expectations.

While I am sure that numbers were low, I still think It will be VERY expensive for EmpowerNet.  Certainly any event I book through them I will


  1. Iratus

    How did you come across this information? The seminar is still being advertised on Empowernet's website. I am trying to get confirmation from Empowernet this morning.

  2. An email went out from one of Tony Robbins' representatives:

    Anthony Robbins'
    Wealth Mastery 2008
    Rescheduling Announcement

    Dear Friend,

    The team here at Robbins Research International is committed to ensuring that Wealth Mastery 2008 delivers the finest tools and strategies for creating certainty about your economic future. Our mission has always been to provide only the highest value content from the most qualified and successful presenters the world has to offer in order to maximize your results.

    No doubt, like us, you have been looking forward to this milestone event with great anticipation. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, we must inform you the date for the event has been rescheduled to later in the year.
    We will provide specific dates shortly.
    We regret any inconvenience this may cause you and would like to extend to you a complimentary Gold Ticket to see Tony Robbins Live at his cornerstone event,
    Unleash The Power Within, coming to Sydney, September 19-22, 2008.

    Unleash the Power Within is a tremendous lead-in to Wealth Mastery because this extraordinary weekend event is about seizing the power that is already within you and using it to lead a life of your own design, rather than one that's been scripted for you by your environment, your past, society, or anyone else. It's about not settling for less than you can be—in all areas of your life, including your finances.

    So, now you have two exciting milestones to look forward to:
    • Wealth Mastery 2008 – now being held later in 2008; and
    • Unleash The Power Within with Tony Robbins LIVE, Sept. 19-22, 2008

    We will be in touch with you very shortly regarding the new Wealth Mastery event date and also to let you know how to register for your Unleash the Power Within ticket. If you have further questions about these two extraordinary events, please contact your Mastery Coordinator at +1.858.713.8299.

    We look forward to seeing you soon.


    Ron Cunningham

    It has been said many times, but I'll say it as well. This is where the power of a blog lies. Empowernet should show their integrity and say what is the situation (what are my options? can I get a refund? how do I get my free tickets) so we can all move on…