Christian Payne

The experienced Product Manager Entrepreneur Investor


Product Manager, Entrepreneur, Technologist

Product Manager

Over 20 years developing internet based products

Serial Entrepreneur

I work with Startups developing their product strategies, defining product road map and go to market (GTM) strategies.


I help businesses by linking technology to their business goals. (The newest, shiny toy isn't always the best for your business)

Personal Info


Christian Payne


Rockdale NSW, Australia


+61 412 391 119

Current Projects

  • 2017 -
  • Phase Two Digital
  • What is your Phase Two?

Professional skills

What's your story?

I help companies build their stories. Remember when you were a child? Remember being enthrawled with the characters? Who they are, what they were doing?

Now imagine your customers being as enthrawled with you. YOU are the character of your story!


Design is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object ...

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Pricing strategies

None of this matters if you can't make a sale! I help businesses focus on who their customers are and what are their pain points.

Then we build a comprehensive strategy on how to price and structure your product.